People usually overestimate what they can accomplish in a day, but underestimate what they can accomplish in a lifetime. As long as you make consistent effort great things will result.




01 Your current hobby.(マイブームは?)
Playing with my dogs, studying Japanese, and working on my Jeeps.
02 Your favorite country / region.(好きな国/地域は?)
I love the American southwest, the Chinese northeast, and Saitama (of course!)
03 Your favorite Japanese food.(好きな日本の食べ物は?)
I love umeboshi, okonomiyaki, (nama)yatsuhashi, and sushi! Oh…too many!
04 Your dream when you were a child.(子供の頃の夢は?)
I wanted to live in Japan. I guess I’m living the dream, now.
05 What made you interested in Japan ?(日本に興味をもったキッカケは?)
I fell in love with the language first, especially 漢字.