01 Your current hobby.(マイブームは?)
Pilates and Yoga.(ピラティス、ヨガ)
02 Your favorite country / region.(好きな国/地域は?)
England / London(イギリス、ロンドン)
03 Your favorite food.(好きな食べ物は?)
Noodles – Udon(うどん)
04 Your dream when you were a child.(子供の頃の夢は?)
Become a musician.(ミュージシャン)
05 What made you interested in English?(英語に興味をもったキッカケは?)
As a first year students in junior high, I started my English life with Beatles’ record that my father gave me.
The record had no lyrics card with it; therefore, I played it over and over to catch the words and tried to get what they meant.
Thanks to The Beatles, I became interested I English.
※There is saying –“What one likes, one will do best.”