Why don’t you start now?

English is great. By learning it, you can communicate with people from different countries and enjoy English movies or TV dramas much more. In addition, your horizons will be broadened and your career advancement opportunities might be increased. English can also be a lifelong hobby. You are never too old to learn, so let’s get started now. We’re rooting for you!


英語は素晴らしいですよ。英語を学ぶことでいろいろな国の人達と会話が出来たり、英語の映画やTVドラマも今よりずっと楽しめるようになりますよ。 さらに、視野が広がったり、お仕事の昇進の機会も増えるかもしれません。また、英語は一生涯続けられる趣味にもなるんです。 学ぶのに遅すぎるなんてことはありません。だから、さあ今始めましょう。私たちがあなたを応援します。



01 Your current hobby.(マイブームは?)
I like gardening. I grow many flowers, mainly roses.
02 Your favorite country / region.(好きな国/地域は?)
I like the U.K.(イギリス)
03 Your favorite food.(好きな食べ物は?)
I like Korean barbecue.(焼肉)
04 Your dream when you were a child.(子供の頃の夢は?)
I wanted to appear on TV.(テレビに出たかった)
05 What made you interested in English?(英語に興味をもったキッカケは?)
When I was at elementary school, I had a hard time in class, because I couldn’t read Roman letters. So my mother made me go to an English conversation school. Since almost nobody around me went to such a school at that time, I had an advantage when I entered junior high. I benefited from a virtuous circle of what I enjoyed studying leading to what I become good at. Although English is quite different from Roman letters, I might owe it to my mother that I am an English teacher today.