I’d like to be your friend!

Experiencing new languages and cultures can seem scary at first. I felt that way while I was traveling the world, but I met some good friends who helped me. I’d like to be your friend, too! English can help you make friends from all over the world, so come study with us!





01 Your current hobby.(マイブームは?)
Exploring Japan(日本をいろいろと観てまわること)
02 Your favorite country / region.(好きな国/地域は?)
Galicia, Spain(ガリシア(スぺイン))
03 Your favorite Japanese food.(好きな日本の食べ物は?)
04 Your dream when you were a child.(子供の頃の夢は?)
To have many cats.(たくさんの猫を飼うこと)
05 What made you interested in Japan ?(日本に興味をもったキッカケは?)
I came to Japan 3 years ago to teach English for a year. After that, I moved to Spain. While I was there, I remembered how kind Japanese people are, so I wanted to come back when I finished teaching in Spain. And, here I am!